DepartmentHODTotal EmployeesTotal users added in Kaizala GroupsTotal users who activated KaizalaPercentage AdoptionTotal Tasks AssignedTotal Tasks Completed
Agriculture and Co-operationCommissioner of Agriculture05258295755.7300
Agriculture Marketing and Co-operation Department0124855142.9100
Commissioner of Horticulture0104745841.3000
Animal Husbandry and FisheriesCommissioner of Fisheries Department044930968.6700
Backward Classes WelfareDirector, Backward Classes Welfare089960266.8100
Consumer Affairs Food Civil SuppliesCommissioner of Civil Supplies010275524450.9400
Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior CitizensCommissioner, Women Development and Child Welfare04551248754.5200
Environment, Forests,Science and TechnologyChief conservator of Forests0169621312.3600
AP Pollution Controller Board0681623.5300
General AdministrationCommissioner, Information and Public Relations Dept.0643960.9400
Health, Medical & Family WelfareCommissioner of Family Welfare016320763846.6600
Higher EducationState Board of Technical Education & Training0310732610.8400
HomeOffice of the DG and IG of police037680792720.8600
Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada0230937416.1700
HousingAP State Housing Corporation092732735.0900
Industries and CommerceA.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation(APIIC)01808848.8900
Water ResourcesEngineer-in-Chief, Irrigation0337398828.2500
Directorate of Ground Water01207461.6700
Transport, Roads and BuildingsAP State Road Transport Corporation (A.P.S.R.T.C)0453873370.8300
Social WelfareCommissionerate of Tribal Welfare0937378.4900
Commissioner of Social Welfare0137391066.0400
A.P. Scheduled Castes Co-operative Finance Corpn. Ltd.,01694426.0400
School EducationDirector, School Education072030246.0000
Rajiv Vidhya Mission (SSA)09288312833.6500
RevenueChief Commissioner of Land Administration011723562647.8800
Commissioner of Commercial Taxes0101772471.1900
Commissioner, Prohibition and Excise03445190454.7400
Panchayat Raj and Rural DevelopmentCommissioner of Rural Development014954715747.6800
Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment07098469965.9900
Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty0381081749245.8800
Rural Water Supply & Sanitation01088585.3300
Municipal Administration & Urban DevelopmentCommissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA)04130237857.5500
Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA)0591966311.2000
Minorities WelfareAP State Minority Finance Corporation Ltd.,0883640.4500
A.P. State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation0814757.3200
Kapu Welfare and Development Corp Ltd0453168.8900
Labour, Employment Training and FactoriesCommissioner of Labour021813863.3000
Secretariat Departments
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