Essential Commodities Status

Item Name SUB - ITEM State Highest Price Lowest Price
Average Prices on 19.03.2019 (in Rs.) Average Price on19.02.2019 (in Rs.) Increase/ Decrease
(-) over last month prices
Reported Division Price (in Rs.) Reported Division Price (in Rs.)
in Rs. %
Rice Rice Grade-I(Super fine) Kg 47.5747.65-0.08-0.17Nandyal55.00Vizianagaram, Kovvur41.00
Rice Grade-I(Fine) Kg 40.6040.460.140.35Nellore48.00Kovvur, Jangareddy Gudem32.00
Rice Grade - II Kg 29.3528.920.431.49Gudivada36.00Yatapaka20.00
Redgram Dal Redgram Dal (Gr I) Kg 70.8671.86-1.00-1.39Paderu, Rampachodavaram, Vijayawada, Atmakur80.00Adoni, Nandyal60.00
Redgram Dal (Gr II) Kg 63.1264.27-1.15-1.79Paderu, Rampachodavaram, Kovvur, Machilipatnam, Vijayawada, Nujiveedu, Madanapalli, Anakapalle, Atmakur70.00Penugonda50.00
G. Nut Oil G.Nut Oil (Non Ref.,Filter) Litre/910 gms 105.24105.60-0.36-0.34Tekkali130.00Narsapur, Adoni, Nandyal90.00
Tamarind Tamarind Gr-I(Without Seed) Kg 206.31166.8339.4823.66Narsapur260.00Rampachodavaram140.00
Tamarind Common(Without Seed) Kg 176.15137.4538.7028.16Tenali230.00Rampachodavaram120.00
Tamarind Ordinary (With Seed) Kg 98.2989.868.439.38Narsipatnam110.00Parvathipuram90.00
Red Chillies Red Chillies (Gr. I) Kg 95.1693.142.022.17Vizianagaram110.00Narsaraopet, Gurajala75.00
Red Chillies (Gr. II) Kg 83.7180.802.913.60Vizianagaram, Rajampet100.00Rampachodavaram, Narsaraopet, Kavali, Gurajala70.00
Onions Onions (Gr. I) Kg 45.2956.28-10.99-19.53Vijayawada60.00Adoni, Nandyal35.00
Onions (Gr. II) Kg 39.2246.20-6.98-15.11Vijayawada50.00Adoni, Nandyal30.00
Details of sales under Market Intervention through Rythu Bazaars as on 28.08.2014.
Item Name No. of counters opened Sales in Qtls. Rate Rs./ per kg Rate in open market ₹ Remarks
Onions 78 21,316 18 to 24 22 to 29 Sale of these items has been dispensed from 29-08-2014
Tomato 78 11,042 13 to 32 14 to 36
Potato 78 3,155 28 to 30 30 to 34
Commodities seized by Enforcement Authorities from June
No. of raids conducted No. of cases booked Total Transactions as on Yesterday Quantity seized (Qtls) Value of commodity seized (in Lakh Rs.)
46911662 Cyclone Rice264.14-
Cyclone Sugar1.25-
Cyclone Redgramda1.81-
Edible oils ltrs8581.16409.70
Sugar 68.780.92
LPG Cylinders2934.24
K.Oil (in liters) 94671.382
46.2 56.28 80.8 93.14 89.86 137.45 166.83 105.6 64.27 71.86 28.92 40.46 47.65 39.22 45.29 83.71 95.16 98.29 176.15 206.31 105.24 63.12 70.86 29.35 40.6 47.57