Agriculture Report

District wise status of Kharif crops (Area in Ha)
S.No. District Paddy Redgram Cotton Sugarcane Chilies
Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop
1 Srikakulam209426Harvesting Stage & harvesting commenced 692Flowering to Pod formation Stage54883rd & 4th Pickings Stage6007Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage27Flowering to Fruit development
2 Vizianagaram120316679Flowering to Pod formation Stage114853rd & 4th Pickings Stage11489Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage68Flowering to Fruit development
3 Visakhapatnam999001160Flowering to Pod formation Stage10923rd & 4th Pickings Stage31417Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage126Flowering to Fruit development
4 East Godavari2222141406Flowering to Pod formation Stage119143rd & 4th Pickings Stage9854Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage134Flowering to Fruit development
5 West Godavari226925100Flowering to Pod formation Stage52353rd & 4th Pickings Stage9946Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage3Flowering to Fruit development
6 Krishna2458151972Flowering to Pod formation Stage471093rd & 4th Pickings Stage13133Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage13130Flowering to Fruit development
7 Guntur216433Harvesting Stage18948Flowering to Pod formation Stage1766793rd & 4th Pickings Stage221Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage80814Flowering to Fruit development
8 Prakasam27778Grain Maturity to Harvesting Stage93144Flowering to Pod formation Stage384673rd & 4th Pickings Stage75Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage25264Flowering to Fruit development
9 SPSR Nellore26638Harvested50Flowering to Pod formation Stage7913rd & 4th Pickings Stage952Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage0Flowering to Fruit development
10 Chittoor17633Harvesting Stage & harvesting commenced7785Flowering to Pod formation Stage813rd & 4th Pickings Stage17266Cane Maturity to harvesting Stage48Flowering to Fruit development
Grand total14,13,078 1,25,936 2,98,341 1,00,360 1,19,614 

District wise Areas Sown & Stage of the Crop during Rabi 2018-19 (Area in Ha)
S.No. District Paddy Maize Bengalgram Greengram Blackgram Tobacco
Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop Area Sown Stage of The crop
1 Srikakulam10Nurseries to Transplantation Stage9206Vegetative to Cob formation Stage0Sowing to Vegetative Stage21740Sowing to Vegetative Stage30661Sowing to Vegetative Stage0Transplantation & Development Stage
2 Vizianagaram11Nurseries to Transplantation Stage7844Vegetative to Cob formation Stage32Sowing to Vegetative Stage3740Sowing to Vegetative Stage5133Sowing to Vegetative Stage62Transplantation & Development Stage
3 Visakhapatnam14Nurseries to Transplantation Stage111Vegetative to Cob formation Stage76Sowing to Vegetative Stage186Sowing to Vegetative Stage274Sowing to Vegetative Stage4Transplantation & Development Stage
4 East Godavari3362Nurseries to Transplantation Stage2784Vegetative to Cob formation Stage763Sowing to Vegetative Stage2591Sowing to Vegetative Stage4278Sowing to Vegetative Stage1103Transplantation & Development Stage
5 West Godavari2327Nurseries to Transplantation Stage21941Vegetative to Cob formation Stage0Sowing to Vegetative Stage8842Sowing to Vegetative Stage4176Sowing to Vegetative Stage14173Transplantation & Development Stage
6 Krishna141Nurseries to Transplantation Stage10290Vegetative to Cob formation Stage2441Sowing to Vegetative Stage2290Sowing to Vegetative Stage68229Sowing to Vegetative Stage1271Transplantation & Development Stage
7 Guntur17474Nurseries to Transplantation Stage1222Vegetative to Cob formation Stage13572Sowing to Vegetative Stage519Sowing to Vegetative Stage2518Sowing to Vegetative Stage3529Transplantation & Development Stage
8 Prakasam32292Nurseries to Transplantation Stage2534Vegetative to Cob formation Stage61057Sowing to Vegetative Stage228Sowing to Vegetative Stage10945Sowing to Vegetative Stage34287Transplantation & Development Stage
9 SPSR Nellore25831Nurseries to Transplantation Stage44Vegetative to Cob formation Stage621Sowing to Vegetative Stage1342Sowing to Vegetative Stage5816Sowing to Vegetative Stage1477Transplantation & Development Stage
10 Chittoor13597Nurseries to Transplantation Stage426Vegetative to Cob formation Stage2Sowing to Vegetative Stage103Sowing to Vegetative Stage2602Sowing to Vegetative Stage0Transplantation & Development Stage
Grand Total95059 56402 78564 41581 134632 55906 
a) Rainfall status from 01.06.2018 to 05.02.2019 (In mm)
ItemKharif – 2018(South–West Monsoon)(June 2018 – Sep 2018)Rabi 2018 – 19(North-East Monsoon)(Oct 2018 to Dec 2018)Winter Period (From 01.01.2019 to 15.02.2019)
Season Normal55629615.8
As on date Normal10.7
Actual Rainfall456.6124.19.2

Rainfall status from 01.06.2018 to 15.02.2019 (In mm)
S.No.DistrictNormal As on DateRainfall Up to Last WeekRainfall during the WeekTotal RainfallDeviation (%)Status
1 Srikakulam994.001000.300.001000.300.60Normal
2 Vizianagaram953.30765.800.00765.80-19.70Deficient
3 Visakhapatnam1022.80823.000.00823.00-19.50Deficient
4 East Godavari1084.80940.900.00940.90-13.30Normal
5 West Godavari1044.201017.600.001017.60-2.50Normal
6 Krishna946.20790.000.00790.00-16.50Normal
7 Guntur767.00492.300.00492.30-35.80Deficient
8 Prakasam796.10334.100.10334.20-58.00Deficient
9 SPSR Nellore1010.20466.300.20466.50-53.80Deficient
10 Chittoor844.50460.801.10461.90-45.30Deficient
11 YSR Kadapa647.30277.600.60278.20-57.00Deficient
12 Ananthapuramu496.00272.901.30274.20-44.70Deficient
13 Kurnool609.00315.600.00315.60-48.20Deficient
Grand Total862.70589.600.30589.90-31.60Deficient

(b) Area Coverage: Kharif 2018 (Area in Ha)
Normal area 39.53 Lakh Ha
Area covered 37.70 Lakh ha (95% to Season Normal)
Area Coverage: Rabi 2018-19 (Area in Ha)
Normal area 23.43 Lakh ha
Area covered as on 13.02.2019 21.13 Lakh ha (90% to Season Normal)

District wise area sown during Rabi 2018-19 (Area in Ha)
S.No. District Normal Area Covered upto last week Area Covered during this week Total area covered % Sown to
Season As On date Season Normal As On date
1 Chittoor6749464881137159805137964204213
2 Srikakulam1076271004171064652389108854101108
3 Krishna207033204117198486696920545599101
4 Ananthapuramu11789810719211599171111670299109
5 Prakasam26565625755124768156962533779598
6 YSR Kadapa17249116177515783830501608889399
7 West Godavari28285326616025359602535969095
8 Guntur206577203781169841149151847568991
9 East Godavari228516196358192289321919550886100
10 Kurnool32721731467425712457112628358084
11 Visakhapatnam3985534854269721794287667283
12 SPSR Nellore24633423058616300530271660326772
13 Vizianagaram739216420938363169385325260
Grand Total2343472220655520648104845521132659096
Soil sample collection, analysis & Soil Health Card distribution
S.No.DistrictNo. of Soil Samples CollectedNo. of Soil Samples AnalyzedSHC Target based on GridsSHCs printed & distributed to farmers% Distributed
1 Chittoor3039630396166298174641105
2 Krishna5687856878244327248698102
3 Ananthapuramu5225752257362000362163100
4 Guntur8230182301370450370450100
5 Prakasam4075640756361095361095100
6 Kurnool7880978809336426336426100
7 West Godavari7358273582251725251725100
8 Srikakulam4152841528249168249168100
9 Visakhapatnam3468134681232867232867100
10 East Godavari6115461154232237232237100
11 SPSR Nellore5602556025228508228508100
12 Vizianagaram3616236162215000215000100
13 YSR Kadapa3883238832202126202126100
 Total 68336168336134522273465104100
Status of Micronutrient distribution during Rabi – 2018-19 (Qty. in MTs)
S.No.DistrictTargetPositionedMicronutrients distribution Up to last week Micronutrients distribution during the week Distributed % of Achv. over positioned
1 Krishna2772072070207100.00
2 Vizianagaram7556426420642100.00
3 Chittoor3967337232541143368100.00
4 Guntur3092301843922397.00
5 YSR Kadapa221632192918157307595.00
6 SPSR Nellore317145284216104432095.00
7 Prakasam8667566813771895.00
8 East Godavari508424400040094.00
9 Kurnool1686108295555101093.00
10 Ananthapuramu573134732751383313490.00
11 West Godavari859140112640126490.00
12 Srikakulam90272554211065290.00
Grand Total2124720059180149991901395.00

Rabi 2018-19: District wise Subsidy seed distribution (Qty. in Qtls)
S.No.DistrictIndentPositionedSeed Distribution up to last weekSeed Distribution during the weekTotal seed Distribution % Distribution over Position
1 West Godavari15054653511546100
2 Krishna2400507646564205076100
3 Kurnool855501023071019450101945100
4 YSR Kadapa69350784817630407630497
5 Ananthapuramu67500779907567007567097
6 Chittoor10520844881390813996
7 Prakasam6717080274763262927661895
8 Visakhapatnam18051733160223162594
9 Guntur16700185911741001741094
10 SPSR Nellore2556517806153975171591489
11 Vizianagaram381047473694224391883
12 Srikakulam1645065094790534532482
13 East Godavari324042802125770289568
Grand Total370210406788388593279139138496

Status on issue of LEC & COC cards during 2018-19
S.No. District LEC COC LECs & COCs
Target Issued Target Issued Total Target Total Issued Balance to Issue % issued
1 Krishna40000403145000075869900001161830129.00
2 Vizianagaram1050010438400004794150500583790116.00
3 Chittoor4232954150001941319232203670106.00
4 Prakasam41443634400004266444144462980105.00
5 East Godavari11695311787410000097817216953215691126299.00
6 Guntur5000037852500005933010000097182281897.00
7 Visakhapatnam12000491320000254033200030316168495.00
8 West Godavari2098982363965000058672598982422631763593.00
9 SPSR Nellore1700016982600004404077000610221597879.00
10 Kurnool3165518188500004362181655618091984676.00
11 Srikakulam1373311581450003235558733439361479775.00
12 YSR Kadapa133504005150001401328350180181033264.00
13 Ananthapuramu4500048701500086600004956550448.00
Price Subvention Scheme
Price Subvention Scheme
District Total Records Amount Total Bills Processed by C&DA office Balance yet to be processed Bills to be uploaded into CFMS portal Bills waiting for funds clearance from finance dept. Payments Credited to farmers A/C % of payments credited to farmers over processed
Nos. Amount Nos. Amount Nos. Amount Nos. Amount Nos. Amount
West Godavari505416036.81394934704.73110481332.082402299.8031453997.62339464005.1685.13
East Godavari109941505.27105191437.1047568.1700.00105191437.1100.000.00
Kharif 2018:
TargetRs. 59,032 Cr
Achievement Rs. 63,314 Crores (107%)

Agricultural Credit disbursement Rabi 2018-19 (Rs. in Cr)
S.No. Name of the District Crop Loans Agricultural Term Loans including Allied sectors Total Agriculture
Rabi Target Achv. % Rabi Target Achv. % Rabi Target Achv. %
1 Krishna30673446112193217038849995149103
2 Prakasam2634272010311431005883777372699
3 East Godavari257624999720291948964605444797
4 Chittoor2544251099978920943523343097
5 West Godavari323230689514321169824664423791
6 Ananthapuramu26862041766919501383377299189
7 SPSR Nellore1813173095954488512767221880
8 Vizianagaram8257589234512235117088175
9 YSR Kadapa1825148681720410572545189675
10 Visakhapatnam103271169757575761789128672
11 Guntur39442872731216834695160370672
12 Srikakulam9296887443517440136486263
13 Kurnool214384139650315492793115641
Grand Total292502537087132821061380425333598585
Credit disbursement to Tenant Farmers during 2018-19 (Rs. in Cr)
S.No. District LEC COC Rythu Mitra Groups Joint Liability Groups Total
No. of farmers covered Credit extended No. of farmers covered Credit extended No. of farmers covered Credit extended No. of farmers covered Credit extended No. of farmers covered Credit extended
1 West Godavari82974699.84856455.48148728627.9574554344.233148201727.50
2 Krishna40249241.2758219364.28139510447.73104430323.333424081376.61
3 East Godavari106122397.1589029272.9331540115.2733085119.88259776905.23
4 Nellore1467179.6251412297.3800.0000.0066083377.00
5 Guntur18149.931135559.581146047.15986442.2434493158.90
6 Prakasam220326.35221829.18551035.641552458.2425455149.41
7 Chittoor9205.901468569.80268515.90210013.7020390105.30
8 Vizianagaram659934.28223521.0400.00454831.361338286.68
9 Visakhapatnam25428.781962146.25241910.1231258.352770773.50
10 Kadapa9708.811821.3186512.2895028.92296751.32
11 Kurnool14383.61170016.547823.089155.38483528.61
12 Srikakulam16322.2011791.87760.1837023.0665897.31
13 Ananthapuramu11826.6000.0000.0000.0011826.60
Grand Total2633161524.342603991235.643435751315.30252797978.6911200875053.97
Note : Ananthapuramu & Srikakulam districts need to speed up the loaning to tenant farmers.
Phethai Cyclone, December 2018:
S.No. District No. of mandals affected Paddy(Post Harvested) Nursery Affected crops Stage of the crop Condition of the Crop
On sheaves (Ha) Grain Stacks /Heaps/ Threshing floor Paddy Tobacco Maize Pulses cotton Groundnut Sunflower Sugarcane Total
1 Srikakulam 40000036900000.00369.00Paddy crop is in Harvesting, Harvested, On Sheaves, Grain stacks1227 Ha of Paddy Nurseries are inundated in west Godavari dt.
2 Vizianagaram8147885915000052000002.80522.80Maize crop is at vegetative to tasselling stage.17944 Ha of paddy is in lodging and inundated condition and 30584 Ha of Paddy is under sheaves.
3 Visakhapatnam153440013030000000.001303.00Pulses are at vegetative stage.7014Ha of Maize is in lodging condition
4 East Godavari309330 2126800555952001100.004543.00 1982 Ha of Tobacco is in lodging condition
5 West Godavari3040301227703596351941545621700.005906.00 2120 Ha of Pulses are inundated
6 Krishna304294009380586198910027417500.0012504.00  
7 Guntur2397720031330622050000.003400.00  
8 Prakasam650001299004480000.001747.00  

District wise files created from 20.12.2018 to 03.01.2019
S.No.DistrictTargeted FilesCreated Files% Files Created
1 Krishna165235100
2 West Godavari172225100
3 Chittoor102127100
4 Kurnool113138100
5 East Godavari102117100
6 Prakasam106117100
7 Visakhapatnam1068984
8 YSR Kadapa1118173
9 Vizianagaram1005959
10 SPSR Nellore1055149
11 Ananthapuramu1102018
12 Guntur1432014
13 Srikakulam10099
Grand Total1535128884
Agriculture Commissionerate49721543
Performance of MPEOs based on the KPIs assigned to them
S.No. District Sanctioned posts Performance of MPEOs December, 2018 % of C & D grades
A B C D Total
1 Krishna3153030003030
2 Vizianagaram1901660001660
3 Visakhapatnam1951610001610
4 YSR Kadapa2452281002290
5 Srikakulam2102033002060
6 Prakasam41536014003740
7 East Godavari28520058002580
8 Ananthapuramu70065616206740
9 Chittoor2442047012120
10 Guntur3903657023741
11 Kurnool63056922225951
12 West Godavari29023843112831
13 SPSR Nellore24519613302121
Grand Total435438491848640470
a) Parishkara Vedika Grievances
SnoDistrictTotalCompletedPendingWithin SLABeyond SLARedressed (%)
3East Godavari14221422000100.00
4SPSR Nellore11691169000100.00
8YSR Kadapa2460245376199.00
13West Godavari187218413125698.00
Grand Total38700384962048611899.00

b) Meekosam (25th may onwards Grievances)
SnoDistrictTotalCompletedPendingWithin SLABeyond SLARedressed (%)
4SPSR Nellore308308000100.00
6YSR Kadapa266266000100.00
8West Godavari202202000100.00
9East Godavari193193000100.00
Grand Total5910587634102499.00
Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan-II
District Soil health cards (max 15) Agriculture implements (max 10) Training Programmes (max 10) PMFBY (max 5) Total
Target Issued Marks Target Issued Marks Target No. Marks Target No. Marks Marks Rank
Vizianagaram79011044715.0025025010.00758110.0025255.00100.001st Rank
Visakhapatnam135071484315.0025028010.007512010.0025255.00100.001st Rank
YSR Kadapa136091370915.0025031710.00757510.0025255.00100.001st Rank
Rabi 2018-19: District Wise Area sown e-panta Report as on 15.02.2019 (Area in Ha)
S.No. District Agriculture e-panta crop data bookings % Agriculture crops area recorded
Season Normal area Area sown manual report Agriculture Horticulture & Social Forestry Total Area recorded in e-panta
1 Vizianagaram7392138532442064944255115
2 Chittoor674941379641401331386141518102
3 Visakhapatnam3985528766290735329126101
4 Prakasam2656562533772547791264256043101
5 Krishna20703320545520513278205210100
6 YSR Kadapa1724911608881609547183168136100
7 East Godavari2285161955081944812319450499
8 Kurnool327217262835259924778026770399
9 Ananthapuramu11789811670211232540811273396
10 Srikakulam10762710885410256890410347394
11 Guntur20657718475616936222416958692
12 Nellore24633416603215305576115381692
13 West Godavari282853253596193629236219599276
Grand Total23434722113265201962122475204209596
Note :e-panta need to hasten in some of the districts
Rabi 2018-19
S.No.CropArea Sown(ha)Stage of CropIntensity Of Pest/Diseases incidenceMajor Districts AffectedArea Effected below ETL(ha.)Area Treated(ha.)
1 Paddy610093Tillering to milky stageBPH, Stem borer, Leaf folderAnanthapuramu, Chittoor, East Godavari, Kadapa, Kurnool, Nellore, Prakasam, Vizianagaram, West Godavari2198521985
2 Jowar137115Vegetative to grain formationFall army wormAnanthapuramu, Prakasam239239
3 Maize157092Vegetative to cob formationFall army wormAnanthapuramu, East Godavari, Prakasam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, West Godavari61396139
4 Redgram4003 Grain formationMaruca leaf webberKurnool8080
5 Bengalgram469969Pod formationsucking pestsNellore, Krishna, Kadapa, Vizianagaram,791791
6 Greengram97364Vegetative sucking pestsWest Godavari, Krishna16061606
7 Blackgram284915Vegetative sucking pestsWest Godavari, Krishna, Vizianagaram32903290
8 Groundnut59606Flowering to pod formationsucking pestsAnanthapuramu, Chittoor, West Godavari11751175
9 Tobacco85820Harvesting WiltPrakasam, Krishna28722872
10 Chillies14427Flowering ThripsChittoor, Guntur, Kurnool, Prakasam, Vizianagaram53475347
Kharif 2017:
KHARIF 2017 CLAIM STATUS (As on 29-11-2018)
S.No. Implementing agency State share paid (Rs.Cr) Details of Claim (Rs.Cr)
Claim payable Disbursed so far Balance
1 AIC (PMFBY)73.1252.9552.300.65
2 ICICI (PMFBY)80.79144.78143.281.50
3 HDFC (RWBCIS)310.00294.45293.111.34

Kharif 2018:
S.NO. Scheme Enrollment Area Insured (Lakh Ha) Sum Insured (Crores) Farmers share (Crores)) State share (Crores)
Loanee Non loanee Total
1 RWBCIS727990.0019825.00747815.0011.505632.03120.56285.42
2 PMFBY848080.0060629.00908709.006.895327.14144.32144.87
3 1576070.0080454.001656524.0018.3810959.18264.88430.29